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$300 / choose 10 aerial stills*


We capture dozens of images and present at least 20 of the best pictures for the client to choose from.



Extra still images can be purchased if desired.

$20 each

A 30-120 sec exterior video can be bundled.


Undeveloped Lots, Commercial and Industrial Lots

Real Estate


10 Aerial Still Portraits

(session up to 2 hours)

We provide a free consultation and a free quote for video productions.

We will brainstorm with you to calculate fees for the Big Jobs, the missions that require extensive planning, several hours on location and in post-production.


Rates will vary with the scale and complexity of the project.

We strive to provide the highest level of service at a very reasonable cost.

Tell us what you want to see created! We will itemize the constants and research all of the variables, providing a quote within 24 hours.



Add 1 Image 
$20 ea.

Video Productions

*Rates may vary with undeveloped property, depending on the location, lot size, and terrain.

Residential Photo and Video Package Rates

We offer a full-service Photo and Video package at a rate that is simple for the agent to calculate and is applied to all residential listings, large and small:

One-Tenth of One Percent of the Homes’ Listing Price.

                                              $350,000 (listing price) / $350 (our rate)

                                              $500,000 (listing price) / $500 (our rate)

                                              $700,000 (listing price) / $700 (our rate)


   Our rate scales with the listing price, appropriately, as the footprint and visual splendor of a residence increases.

Ideal for:

Construction Sites

Company / School / Church Events

Roof / Multi-Story / Treetop Inspection


Cars / Bikes / Boats 

We capture dozens of images and present at least 20 of the best pictures for the client to choose from.

Photo and Video

Flat Rate Services*

Hourly rates are usually applied when missions are required to cover events that run longer than two hours. 

Hourly Rates
*Rates may vary depending on the location and flight risk.    

Add Video

A 30-120 sec video can be bundled




Motor Sports

Community Events


$100 per hour
3 hour minimum

The client receives a finished music video optimized for linking to MLS, and will receive a full portfolio of finished still images.

Land Surveys / Commercials / Music Video / Promotional Video / Short-Form Entertainment

Payment and Delivery

Our clients will receive watermarked images and video for a final review, delivered via Google Drive. You will receive an invoice via PayPal once you are satisfied with the work. The final product is delivered via Google Drive once payment is complete. (Company Checks and Personal Checks also accepted.)

Please Note: There is no California sales tax on images and video delivered digitally. If you want your product delivered via physical media (paper photographs, CD/DVD, memory cards) then 8% CA sales tax will apply, plus cost of material.


We offer both limited-use and lifetime-use of copyrighted images and video for personal and professional uses, including promotional services, in digital and print media. These assets may not be monetized or re-sold without the permission of TTSI LLC.

You may monetize or re-sell your images under one of the following conditions:

(1) A per-sale rate, or other agreeable means of compensation is agreed upon by both parties.


(2) You may purchase full ownership of the copyrights outright, to monetize or re-sell your images as you see fit. Please consult us for further details.

Aerial photography is a new industry, and people want to know more about it.

We provide a free consultation to showcase our drone technology and services,

and will gladly answer all of your questions.


Our rates may vary depending on the scale of your project and where it is located. 


We look forward to working with you :)

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