Arriving Summer 2018

A Star Trek Fan Production

        Following the events of the movie Star Trek: FIRST CONTACT


Summer 2079

FIRST CONTACT: The Iron Horse is a story about a fast-moving national recovery after decades of enduring post-war collapse and horrible ruin.


Inter-planetary contact, diplomacy and trade with the off-world Vulcan species has triggered an epoch, jump-starting an era of radical change that will touch the lives of everyone on the planet Earth.


The Iron Horse APC is at the forefront of this change, voyaging into a frontier of post-war civilizations and exploring strange, isolated worlds. Her crew introduces the building blocks of progress into these areas, helping to restore the United States of America.


The APC fleet deputizes young Vulcan ambassadors to establish First Contact locally, educating the populations to help nullify widespread xenophobia. Most people have never seen a Vulcan in person, and first impressions often incite a range of colorful reactions.


The Iron Horse APC is an oversized hydrogen-solar hybrid engine, wheel-dependent, and designed to pull four primary cars plus a variety of mission-specific cars that are added as needed. She stands 13 feet tall and two lanes wide. The prime engine contains the Bridge and Ready Room. Four primary cars host: Lodging / Mess-Promenade / Brig-Storage / Garage-Locker. She can be refueled at any water source and negotiate the Frontier almost indefinitely.




Her primary crew is a complement of six specialists:




APC Commander Michael Kroh




Security Operator Majori Sky



IT Operator Kara Rochelle


MD/VMD Belle Sina


APC Engineer Havier Gajnes

Vulcan Deputy Steel

2053: The slow-burning era of global unrest that later defines the Third World War grinds to a stumbling halt. The tit-for-tat use of nuclear weapons destabilizes the global stage and leads to the partial collapse of the familiar authority structure. All sides claim victory and conflicts turn regional.