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Summer 2079...


FIRST CONTACT: The Iron Horse is a story about America's chapter of the world-wide Post-Atomic Recovery, following decades of post-war collapse and ruin.


First contact, diplomacy and inter-galactic trade with the off-world Vulcan species has started an epoch of radical change and progress that will touch the lives of everyone on the planet Earth.  


The Iron Horse APC is at the forefront of this change, voyaging into an American frontier of post-war civilizations and exploring strange, isolated worlds. Her crew distributes the building blocks of recovery into these areas, encouraging the world-wide restoration effort. 


The Iron Horse carries a deputized Vulcan ambassador to establish First Contact with isolated populations in the field. Most people have never seen a Vulcan in person, xenophobia is common, and first impressions often incite a range of colorful reactions. Ambassador Steel is 20 standard years old, and has lived on Earth most of that time.



The Iron Horse APC is an oversized hydrogen-solar hybrid engine, wheel-dependent, built tough and designed to pull five primary cars plus a variety of mission-specific cars that load out as needed. She can be refueled at any water source and negotiate the Frontier almost indefinitely. She stands 12 feet tall and nearly two lanes wide. 


The prime engine houses the Bridge and Ready Room. Five primary cars feature:

Lodging / Mess and Promenade / Sick Bay and Clean Room / Storage and Brig / Garage and Cradle

The Garage of the Iron Horse stores a complement of electric off-road vehicles for away teams to pilot in fresh air and friendly environments.

The Cradle stores CATT field mechs that deploy when away teams must navigate areas contaminated with radiation or toxins. Agile and strong, CATTs drive on four independent tracks and can be enabled to walk, run and climb in a quadruped mode.


The crew complement serving aboard the Iron Horse is updated regularly with her manifest and load-out, as various mission arcs are completed and specialists come and go on assignment from all over the world. 



dr11 copy.jpg

Her command crew is a complement of six operators:



APC Commander Michael Kroh



Security Operator Marjori Sky


I.T. Operator Kara Rochelle

ET/MD Emily Belle-Sina

APC Engineer Brian Gaines

Vulcan Deputy Ambassador Steel

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steel4 - Copy1.png
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Following after the events of "Star Trek: FIRST CONTACT"

The Iron Horse  animated short (13-15 mins) will launch in October 2018.

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