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Is Aerial Photography Worth Your InvestmentSource: RIS Media


Assume the price of the average home you sell is $350,000.


The total commission is 6 percent. The brokerage gets 3 percent, and the agent receives 1.5 percent. That’s $5,250 for the agent per transaction.


Assume the agent closes 11 transactions per year, earning $57,750 annually.


According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images. The NAR reports that 73 percent of homeowners are more likely to list with an agent who uses video to market their home.


What difference could aerial images and video make to the bottom line?


Based on these statistics, we can be conservative and say that you could attract 50 percent more listings and close 50 percent more deals—pushing the 11 transactions to approximately 17, which would result in an annual income of $89,250 in our scenario, an increase of $31,500.


The nationwide average cost of hiring a remote pilot to shoot stills and video is about $500. If you use a drone pilot for each of the 17 listings, it will cost you approximately $8,500. That is a net increase of $23,000 per year ($31,500 minus $8,500) from deciding to incorporate drones, a return on investment of 270 percent.


What Does Your Pilot Need to Fly Legally?


FAA CFR 14 part 107 (Remote Pilot License)
In August 2016, The FAA established new regulations that required anyone using a drone for commercial purposes to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating. It protects you from being associated with any illegal operations. The FAA has handed out hefty fines to people flying drones for profit illegally.


Authorization or Waiver to Fly in Restricted Ukiah Valley Airspace

The entire Ukiah Valley (Hopland to Willits) is within E-SFC (Echo-to-Surface) airspace. This means that the FAA must approve all commercial drone flights in the Ukiah Valley, regardless of how low to the ground the mission might be. Authorizations (currently) require at least 90 days for the FAA to process. Waiver requests can (currently) require up to two years. Be sure your pilot has taken these steps, as the FAA takes airspace regulations very seriously.


Make sure that your hired drone operator has liability insurance in the event something goes wrong and they damage that beautiful house you are trying to sell. Standard liability policies cover up to $1,000,000.


Quality Work
Not all drone operators are created equal. It takes time, patience, and skill to capture and edit aerial shots that make or break a listing video.


Residential Package Rates


Our goal is to help real estate agents increase property sales, strengthen brand awareness, and attract more listings in the Ukiah Valley and throughout Mendocino County.


To make contracting our services faster and easier, we offer a full-service Photo and Video package at a rate that is simple for the agent to calculate and is applied to all residential listings, large and small:

                                       One-Tenth of One Percent of the Homes’ Listing Price.

                                              $350,000 (listing price) / $350 (our rate)

                                              $500,000 (listing price) / $500 (our rate)

                                              $700,000 (listing price) / $700 (our rate)


   Our rate scales with the listing price, appropriately, as the footprint and visual splendor of a residence increases. 


What we do for you


Flying at various altitudes, we focus on selling points such as: a new roof, a big yard, wide driveways, entryways, solar panels, pool, patio, deck, gardens, hedges and trees, ponds, outbuildings, etc, with elevated views of the street, neighborhood, and countryside.


We capture dozens of still photos and up to 1 hour of raw video footage when shooting a location.


We tour the interior of a staged home with a steady cam, if desired.


The best still images are processed and forwarded to the agent for review.


The raw video footage is precisely cut and edited with cinematic flair into a 1 or 2-minute short form video.


We work hard to produce content that holds a clients' attention through several viewings. We put in extra effort with music, remixing and cutting tracks to move in time with the visuals. Our productions have legs long after the home has sold, complementing the agent’s social media with a portfolio of strong video content.

                         Still Photo Rates*


                  $300 / choose 10 aerial stills  


We capture dozens of images and present at least 20 of   the best pictures for the client to choose from.




Extra still images can be purchased if desired. 

$20 each 


A 30-120 sec exterior video can be added. 



Show the entire property.

Undeveloped Lots, Commercial and Industrial Lots

*Rates may vary with undeveloped property, depending on the location, lot size, and terrain.

                                      Linking a video tour to MLS

Including a MLS video tour link is extremely valuable, as prospective buyers visiting elsewhere will land on your site when they click the link.  Hosting a video tour on your website gives you the opportunity to direct a MLS link back to your page. Search engines will notice all of the links pointing to your website, and visitors will see you as the primary source of information for this home.


We can host a MLS video for you if needed, please contact us for more details.

Aerial photography is a new industry, and people want to know more about it.

We provide a free consultation to showcase our drone technology and services,

and will gladly answer all of your questions.


Our rates may vary depending on the scale of your project and where it is located. 


We look forward to working with you :)

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