Inspections at high altitude done safely solar panels

Take the risk out of high altitude inspections. Capture footage in hard-to-reach places. Significantly reduce time and expense.


Risking life and limb to perform a high-altitude inspection is expensive and dangerous.

We can significantly reduce the time and expense of high-altitude inspections when compared to conventional methods. Drones can be deployed much faster and capture the necessary footage in hard-to-reach places, at a far lower cost. No more climbing ladders, raising scaffolds or dangling people from a harness.

The HD images we capture are easy to share and interpret as well. We provide a cost-effective way to provide a unique perspective, providing a virtual site visit for those who aren’t able to visit a location in person. Also, the images we capture can be a very useful marketing tool!

No matter what sort of project is underway, inspections can be made safer, faster and easier through drone use.

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Aerial photography is a new industry! We are ready to meet with you in person and provide a free 1 hour consultation. We will gladly answer all of your questions and curiosities. Our rates are flexible and will vary depending on the scale of the project and where it is located. Of course you are welcome reach us anytime via email or phone. We look forward to working with you!

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